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We won’t be fobbed off: hold the BBC to account for endangering trans kids!

The BBC, after defending a disgraced ex-doctor and endangering trans children, are trying to protect themselves after being “hammered” by complaints from trans people.

After these varied complaints took issue with a wide variety of issues with the documentary, the BBC replied to all complaints with a copy and pasted response that basically summarised the episode, and did not address the issues raised.

If you have received a response and aren’t satisfied with it, take it to the next stage. You must do it within 20 days of receiving your response.

We’ve written guidance on how to do this, and encourage as many people as possible to act!

We’re also going to be more directly reaching out to the BBC in order to start a dialogue around this. We’ll keep you updated as this progresses, but we’ll still need complaints to them to help keep their attention, and to encourage them to engage in a conversation over this issue.

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