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Charing Cross GRS Waiting Lists - January 2016 - #NHSGenderID

Updated information about the waiting lists for genital surgery at Charing Cross have been published. Please note that this is statistics for the surgical team at Charing Cross, regardless of which GIC the patient has been referred from. Also it is not currently possible to get information about waiting times at Nuffield Hospital or the Andrology Centre.

Current statistics on gender reassignment surgery at the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, as of the end of January 2016:

  • There are 301 people on our waiting list
  • 24 people have been approved for their operation and given a date
  • 34 people have been approved for their operation and are awaiting a date
  • 72 people are ‘on hold’ as they are not yet fit for surgery
  • 171 people are waiting for an initial consultation with the consultant
  • five patients left the waiting list without surgery (this includes patients who have been discharged back for not attending their appointments or who no longer wish to proceed with surgery) the average waiting time for patients who received treatment was 73.7 weeks
  • two patients were transferred to a private provider

During January 2016:

  • eight people had surgery (four procedures were performed by Phil Thomas and four by Tina Rashid)
  • 12 pre-operative assessments were carried out
  • we received 23 new referrals
  • 18 Imperial patients were treated by a private provider

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Trans hate crime report is UK policing first | GMPCC - Greater Manchester Police and Crime Commissioner

Two-thirds of trans people in Greater Manchester suffer abuse each year because of who they are, research released today has revealed.

The figures, which come from Greater Manchester Police’s new Transphobic Hate Crime Report, show that 67 per cent of respondents have been a victim of hate crime, with 70 per cent stating that they were verbally abused.

The report, released during Hate Crime Awareness Week, addresses the fact that transphobic related incidents are the most unreported of all hate crimes. It goes on to make recommendations on how to increase reporting from within the trans community.

More information and the report itself can be found at

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The Misgendered Project - Her Story - Genesis Cinema

As part of Genesis Cinema’s month-long celebration of LGBT History month they’re hosting The Misgendered Project as they bring to the Bar Paragon screen the groundbreaking ‘Her Story’ mini-series on 23rd February at 7pm at the Genesis Cinema, Mile End Road, London.

'Her Story’ Looks inside the dating lives of trans & queer women as they navigate the intersections of desire and identity.

Starring Jen Richards, Angelica Ross & Laura Zak this 6 episode series will be presented alongside a discussion on the presentaion of transgender people in culture/media and the chance to socialise and relax.

Entry to this event is FREE and there will be the opportunity to donate to support the Misgendered Project and UK Trans Info. Book your free tickets at

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Guide for GPs - Supporting Patients Accessing Gender Identity Services

New guide from Brighton & Hove CCG for GPs on “Supporting Patients Accessing Gender Identity Services”. Although some of the information is specific to Brighton and Hove, most of the guide is applicable throughout England.

This guide is for GPs on the care of patients accessing NHS Specialist Gender Identity Services (SGIS). Trans people are entitled in law and policy to equal access but health inequalities remain and trans people have not always had a good experience of NHS care. This guide aims to enable GPs to get ‘up to speed’ on some of the key issues.

Access the guide at

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Review on the care and management of transgender offenders

The Ministry of Justice is undertaking a review on the care and management of transgender offenders and hope to get insights from a wide range of stakeholders. In order to structure their thinking, they have produced a short paper (see that asks open questions on which they would like your thoughts and insights.

As there are quite a number of questions, they expect you may want to respond only to those that relate directly to your interest or field of expertise. Please don’t feel compelled to reply to each and every one.

Replying online: If it would be easier for you to reply on-line, they have produced a simple on-line survey using identical questions on this link,

They are keen to hear from all relevant stakeholders, so please feel free to pass on the information and web link.

If you are not completing the online survey, you can email your reply to [email protected] or by post to George Barrow, Transgender Review, Ministry of Justice (4.12), 102 Petty France, London SW1P 9AH

A copy of the terms of reference of the review, which includes details of its independent oversight, is on this link,

Given that they are hoping to have conclusions to the review in March, they would like any responses by 24 February.

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UK Trans Info is run by volunteers and relies on donations from supporters in order to function. We need your help to fund our work supporting trans and non-binary people in the UK. Donations can be made by Paypal, bank transfer or cheque. Details of...

UK Trans Info is run by volunteers and relies on donations from supporters in order to function. We need your help to fund our work supporting trans and non-binary people in the UK. Donations can be made by Paypal, bank transfer or cheque. Details of how to make a donation and information on the work we have done are available at

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Budget Information - #NHSGenderID

We have obtained information from NHS England on their budget for both surgical and non-surgical aspects of gender identity services, appointments and operations commissioned and total contract values. This includes budgeted and actual figures for 2013/14 and 2014/15, as well as planned figures for 2015/16. You can view this information at

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Anonymity of Gender Recognition Panel members removed

Towards the end of last year UK Trans Info raised concerns with the Gender Recognition Panel (GRP) about the lack of transparency caused by panel members not putting their names on decision notices. Instead unique identification numbers were used (such as GRPLM1001 or GRPMM1001).

Today we have had confirmation that with effect from 4 January 2016 the President of the GRP has directed legal members and medical members of the GRP shall include their name and where appropriate their title on all decision notices instead of their unique identification numbers. This direction applies to all decisions made by a panel of the GRP on or after the 4 January 2016 and does not have any effect upon the decision of the GRP made before the 4 January 2016.